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On this home page, my latest book is introduced, followed on other pages by a description of my other eighteen books on either Clarke, Hancock, Jackson, Jefferson or Wilkes counties.
You might also be interested in looking at some of the old recipes and remedies that I ran across while abstracting the old newspapers. They bring to mind the difficulties in cooking many years ago. Some recipes have variations, but are still used in one form or another today. Use the remedies with caution, please!
  I sincerely hope my books aid in your genealogical research!
                                            Faye Stone Poss

WINDER in the NEWS, Newspaper Accounts of Winder, Georgia, 1893 - 1915

In 1893 the little town of Jug Tavern was renamed Winder. This town was unique as it was formed where three counties met - Jackson, Gwinnett and Walton - with parts of the town being in three different counties. This created problems for its citizens having to go to three different court houses for any legal matters. This book tells of the struggles of its citizens to have a new county formed, which finally took place in 1915 when Barrow County was formed from Jackson, Gwinnett and Walton.

Much historical information is included, containing the names of those people who helped form Winder and Barrow County, as well as being an excellent source of genealogical information. The newspapers contained much local news, death and marriage notices, jury lists, some sketches on family lines, and general information.

Hardbound, 8" x 11", 395 + xi pages, with full Personal Name Index and Topical Index, $35. Cost includes postage.

Faye Stone Poss
2767 Centerville Rosebud Road
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